The Local Libationist
Celebrating New England


What we offer.

When we say this is libation marketing made simple- we meant it. We are in business for the real world, and we'd love to have a drink with you to figure out what options are best for you and your libations business. We offer plenty of packages, but also work to customize each pack to tailor individual needs. 


Social Media Marketing

With a complete comprehensive review of your current social media usage, we'll help determine what strategies you need to put in place to be most effective at nailing your social media marketing strategy.


Live Events

Yes. Live events.  We show up, put on a party, and broadcast it. Who wouldn't love to have a party? We'll work together to pick out a theme and work hard at generating a buzz around it weeks ahead of time.


Buzz Generation & Business Plan Developments

We'll lead the people to the libations. Blogs? Check. Social media takeover? Check. SEO? Also - check. If you're just starting out, we'll also help you formulate the right business plan to go along with the perfect marketing strategy to get your business off the ground.