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Mike Valletta /CEO & Libations Consultant

I've been considered a dynamo when it comes to everything local. My travels throughout the New England region have led me to some of the most spectacular sceneries, right along with some of the best tasting brews and wines. Perhaps that's why I'm known as, The Local Libationist! 

Known for my vigorous social media postings on local wineries and breweries, I often connect those that are unaware and make them aware. I'm known to be one of the few pioneers who have brought Connecticut wineries to become as popular as they are today by means of my blog,, as well as through my social media handles. 

So, why libations?

Libations make for a good time while in good company. Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I absolutely love making sure that everyone around me is constantly having a good time, and libations are the social lubricant in society to ensure just that. Besides, no good story ever started with a salad. I also really love networking, and no good networking party is complete without libations.

What gets me up in the morning?

Oh, that pesky alarm clock! Kidding. Though I suppose that's partially true. My energy stems from the love for the outdoors. If the sun is shining, I'm making sure I'm completing my morning yoga session and then heading out to hit a hiking trail. I love the energy of the world. Summers I can often be found on a beach or kayaking a lake. Winters are a whole other topic. People despise my posts during the winter as I PRAY (yes, pray) for snow storms so that I may go off and ski a mountain. 




It keeps me motivated and hungry for more. Regardless of the temperature.


Jolene Beaudoin/ Freelance Photographer 


Jolene is a rockstar.

Jolene comes to us with a dash of amazing personality right along side her stunning abilities to capture daily moments through the lens. Her photos help our clients to tell their stories. With a few years of experience through Instagram editing, learned all on her own, she has a natural ability to show the world off. Steadily becoming one of her passions, we're excited to partner with Jolene and showcase her work while she helps tell your story to the world.

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