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Welcome to our world.

Let’s Get This Party Started.

Our wold is made up of wineries, breweries, distilleries and oh yeah - some of the best cocktail parties and restaurants. We like to party. Is it any wonder we’re the destination people to turn when they need a good recommendation of where to go? To be heard, you have to be seen and that’s exactly where we come in. We’re often trotting through many of these places and turn our energy to social media where we’re sharing powerful content with our faithful followers - who of course, like to do exactly what we do.

That’s Where It All Starts.

" Mike himself is a dynamo scouting out businesses and events that make this part of the world a fabulous place to live. He captures the essence of H.A. Dunne & Co., and we're pretty grateful to him."

- H.A. Dunne & Co.

"Mike Valletta visited my Gallery a couple years ago and we immediately became good friends. He has helped my business to blossom in ways I couldn't even imagine." 

-Joe Kopler, Freelance Artist

" Mike has done what we, as the Chamber of Commerce, strive for everyday…to keep Kent special." 

- Elissa Potts, President, Kent chamber of Commerce

Think of us as your brand ambassador.

The Local Libationist is way more than just a lifestyle website. We’re also in business to help promote your brand. Through social media work, blogs, even videos, we aim to generate a buzz for your business using what the proven methods that we’ve been doing since the birth of social media. As one of the original bloggers and early adapters of social media, Mike Valletta brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Not to mention a party right behind him.